Give Your Skin a Boost

by Laura Kronen on February 21, 2012

erno laszlo c10At Be You Only Better, we love skincare products that are designed especially for nighttime. We know they are going to be supercharged and will get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted and make-up free sleep time to be fully absorbed into the skin. Erno Laszlo C10 is our latest obsession which does exactly that, mainly because upon waking, skin looks brighter, fresher and younger than when you went to sleep.

It contains 10% of Vitamin C (hence the C10), which is the highest allowable dose of nature’s most powerful skin brightener and gives you more radiant, younger looking skin and fewer dark spots. Even lines and wrinkles become less noticeable.  C10 also contains seven powerful extracts which tone and firm the complexion and, unlike some vitamin C products, this treatment also softens and hydrates. You will want to invite people to touch your skin.  It’s that soft.

Every night after cleansing, smooth it over your face and then use your favorite moisturizer (stay tuned for recommendations) and let the cream go to work! Sweet dreams!

Erno Laszlo $78 (1oz)


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