Would You Take a Pill to Stop Gray Hair?

by Laura Kronen on March 14, 2012

pill to stop gray hairDefying age is a multi-billion dollar industry. The beauty industry caters to every anti-aging need, from face and body creams to cosmetic surgery, hair color and many more products and services. And, now, international beauty house, Loreal has been developing a pill to stop gray hair from forming.  Would you take it? Read the facts and then give us your opinion.

This magic “anti-gray” pill, based on an undisclosed fruit extract that mimics an enzyme called TRP-2, isn’t normally present in hair follicles.  The goal of the fruit extract pill is to prevent oxidative stress, a process that occurs when hair cells succumb to antioxidants and turn gray.

You would need to take the pill for your whole adult life, and that means starting to use it before your hair goes grey because it wont be able to reverse the process once it starts.  This kind of preventative solution to grey hair is really difficult to prove because some people never go gray, and others only gray a little bit. If someone takes the pill and they weren’t ever destined to get gray hair, there would be no way to know if it was because of the pill or not.  Also, dermatologists are worried that the pill might not let moles and beauty marks change color which would make noticing and diagnosing a melanoma very difficult.

So, is getting gray hair something that you fear? Or if you already are gray is it something you hide?  Would you take a pill to prevent it from forming? Tell us what you think!


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