Better Than False Lashes

by Laura Kronen on May 3, 2012

mascara that is like false lashes

Holy long lashes!

It’s very unusual for me to come across a product that actually makes me stop in my tracks, but Too Faced Better than False Lashes did.  For two reasons. One was the results that came from using the product which was crazy long, flirty, Kim Kardashian type lashes.  The second reason was the product itself.  Too Faced’s Brush on False Lashes is not just a glorified mascara, it is an actual Lash Extension System.

The 3 Step System includes two tubes of product.  One full size mascara for steps 1 & 3 and one tube of nylon extension fibers for step 2.  You just apply a coat of the activating mascara base  (which also acts as the topcoat) and then a coat of the Flexistretch™ nylon lash fibers (which almost seems as though you are painting pieces of cotton balls onto your lashes) and then finish up with Step 3- more mascara to melt and seal the fibers into long, dramatic lashes.  I was worried the fibers would fall into my super sensitive eyes and cause them to tear all day, but that never happened.

If you are ever tempted to get false lashes, this is a great, affordable alternative and fun for a night out! No need to deal with the mess and commitment faux lashes incur.  My only disappointment with this product is my eyelashes didn’t look like the cover of the box (smooth and uniform), but rather more spidery and long.  But practice does make perfect! Available at Sephora $35


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Erica May 17, 2012 at 2:06 pm

I love Too Faced! I use their Smokey Eye Palette!

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