CellCeuticals InterActive Moisture Serum

by Laura Kronen on April 23, 2012

cellceuticals interactive moisture serumCellCeuticals InterActive Moisture Serum is unlike any other serum I have tried before.  It feels wet at first, but then turns to a silky weightless substance as you apply it to your face.  This is a result of the exclusive Aqua Protein Complex that delivers the powerful action of two concentrated serums from a dual chamber pump.  This one-two punch concentrated formula gave me immediate, long lasting and intense hydration for my skin, yet I could apply makeup mere minutes later.

What this Aqua Protein does that is so special is facilitate the transport of water between skin cells.  That, combined with all of the vitamins, Poly-Ceramides, lipids and plant extracts that are jam packed into the InterActive Moisture Serum make it a powerful performance skincare product that soothes, hydrates, encourages cellular regeneration and collagen support and also provides antioxidant and skin conditioning properties. What’s not to love? And this product is paraben-free and never tested on animals. Perfect for all ages and skin types.  CellCeuticals $65


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