Happy Mother’s Day 2012

by Laura Kronen on May 13, 2012

Wikipedia defines A mother (or mum/mom) as “a woman who has raisedchild, given birth to a child, and/or supplied the ovum that united with a sperm which grew into a child.”  I used to think Wikipedia had all the right answers, but I am doubting them now. Being a mother is not simply just a biological experience.

Female motherhood is both a sacred undertaking and a sacred experience. Becoming a mother—giving birth to or raising another precious human being—changes you as nothing else can. You are pitched, head-long and feet-first into a parallel universe, a new way of life, a craft, a passion which tempers and deepens all those who engage in it.

When I first became a mother, it changed my life. It humbled me, inspired me, slowed me down, made me kinder, and infinitely more vulnerable to cruelty. Mothering a child is an incomparable rite of passage.  Not only do you give birth to your children, you give birth to your future.  From the moment my first son was born, my life was impacted with a greater sense of endless joy, soothing love, unbearable fear, and an incredible passion to protect and a worry with no relief. There was a whole new set of rules and boundaries: I was now responsible for another life and every aspect of it. There now exists someone else on this earth that is more important then me. I gladly gave up my ego for my children.  I love that my world revolves around them and their needs.  Especially at this young age, because my childrens’ only true needs are love and attention.

I have always had a close relationship with my mom, but having children intensified it and made me truly appreciate her. In fact, she’s a shining example of everything a mother should be.  She managed to raise five of us ( I have four brothers) and somehow live through all of the extreme emotion and experiences that a child brings over the course of growing up (times 5).  She was always there for us – I could never recall a single moment that she wasn’t and that still stands true today – all of her children still turn to her for guidance and advice, and yes, sometimes a shoulder to cry on. Somehow mom can still make it all OK.  I might have children of my own but there are plenty of times that I still need my mommy. It’s a feeling and a bond that will never fade.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful, selfless, spectacular, energetic and sparkling moms that are truly responsible for shaping the world. Have a spectacular day!


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