Zap Away Bad Skin with Blue Light Technology

by Laura Kronen on August 30, 2012

blue light tanda zapThe Tända ZAP packs a one-two-punch for pimples: it uses powerful blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria while subtle vibration and gentle warming help to open pores so bacteria is exposed to the zit-zapping light.

Simply apply the light for two minutes to the blemish and in 24 hours your problem skin isn’t so much of a problem anymore.   The Tända ZAP remains fully effective for 1,000 uses.  If you amortize it, the price of that per pimple it’s less than $.05.  Well worth the cost!

Safe for all skin types and tones, it causes no dryness or irritation. Important to note that the ZAP is for mild acne only and not for chronic or cystic acne, but for the occasional annoying spot that wreaks havoc on your otherwise clear complexion, it’s all you’ll ever need.Tända ZAP $49

Tända is also offering a special Blue limited edition Tända ZAP in order to raise awareness as well as donate a portion of the profits to STOMP Out Bullying – an organization dedicated to providing a world where our youth feels safe from bullying in schools and their community. For more information about the ZAP Bullying campaign, please visit their facebook page.


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