Elure Advanced Skin Brightening Review

by Laura Kronen on December 26, 2012

skin lightening productsI’ve always been plagued by freckles and other signs of sun damage on my face.  I wish I would have practiced better sun protection when I was younger, because now my skin is definitely paying the price.  If you suffer from pigmentation issues, but have nowhere to turn, Elure Advanced Lightening Technology is your topical cosmetic solution.

This system utilizes a natural enzyme technology that temporarily reduces dark-colored pigmentation that is marring your skin.  Elure’s gentle formulas work to correct this discoloration and reduce skin pigmentation. The skin care line is engineered to improve uneven discoloration that results from aging and sun damage.

The product line includes a rich variety of luxurious treatments that safely and efficiently lighten skin.  The key ingredient in Elure is a mushroom-derived enzyme called melanozyme, which breaks down melanin (dark pigment) in your skin. I tried all three of their products:

1Elure Advanced Facial Wash is one of my favorites. It lathers into a rich and creamy foam that removes dirt and dead skin debris, temporarily transforming dull looking skin into a soft, smooth and radiant skin appearance.To brighten and soften skin,

2. Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion is a one-two punch solution that hydrates, replenishes, rebalances and calms your complexion. In comes in a two compartment dispenser, the Active Melanozyme is on one side and the Bio Activator on the other.  You use the Bioactivator one minute after the Melanozyme to kick the lotion into high gear.

3. Elure Advanced Lightening Night Cream  is designed to provide moisture as well as brighten and soften as you sleep soundly through the night, waking up looking rested and refreshed.

The combination of these three products is unbeatable. I saw results in about a week and they get even better as the weeks go on.  If your primary concerns are brightening and hydrating, Elure is your go-to skincare solution.  May your holidays and your skin be merry and bright!



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