How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think of You

by Laura Kronen on February 28, 2013

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Do you care too much what people think of you?   Do you adjust your behavior, your style, or your likes and dislikes to accommodate others?  It’s time to let go of the constant need to control what others think of you and live life the way YOU want to live it.  The harsh reality is the world does not revolve around you – almost everyone you pass in your life has more on their minds than what you are doing or how you look or act.

Here are three things to consider:

1. Not everyone is going to like you.

No matter how much you try and no matter how “nice” you are with people, you simply can’t have everybody like you.  There will always be people who will talk about you and your inappropriate way of thinking, behaving, breathing, dressing, living, etc.  There will always be people jealous of what you have and who you are.

We all live in different worlds, a different reality for each and every one of us, reality that was built based on our thoughts, beliefs, experiences, based on what we were taught while growing up. What I might see as being right, other people might see as being wrong, and what I might see as being beautiful other people might see as being ugly.  What I might have been taught as being assertive, others might consider being bitchy.  So what?

The truth is that it’s all an illusion anyway – you cannot control what other people think. People have their own agenda, they come with their own baggage and, in the end, they’re more interested in themselves than in you.

2. Living life YOUR way will make you happier.

You are not more or less of a person based on how many people like and approve of you or how many friends you have on Facebook. While growing up we were told that in order to be liked by others we must be nice to people and we are, but somehow we keep encountering people that don’t seem to like us. So why is that?  Is there something wrong with us?  Not really.

Just because some people don’t like us, does not imply that there is something wrong with us. You are already, whole and complete and you don’t need other people’s approval in order to feel this way. Think about that.  Enjoy yourself!  Your self worth comes from thinking that you are worthy!

Realize that you are your own person and ultimately the only one in charge of your own actions and feelings. You cannot control other people but you can control how you react and feel about them. Be yourself! We all seek peace and we all want to be happy and the moment you stop caring about what “they” think, you will find just that.  Live and let live.

3. Seeking approval is time consuming and draining.

Although this may sound harsh, you are not the most important person in the world, at least not to everyone. Most of the time, when you think you are being judged, you probably aren’t. It’s just too hard to judge every single person you meet, assessing their flaws and imperfections and coming up with an analysis.

Approval seeking behavior takes a lot of your time, time that can be used to do the things that you really enjoy doing. All the time that you spend time thinking and talking about what someone said about you, or how they looked at you, is wasting your time and your precious energy.  We are so desperate for the approval of others that we live unhappy and limited lives, denying huge parts of ourselves and failing to do the things we really want to do because we’re worried about what other people will think. Instead be confident in the decisions you are making and actions you are taking.

The person who tries to please everyone will only end up getting exhausted and probably pleasing no one in the process. When you no longer care about what other people think of you, you start being yourself and you start behaving in the way you always wanted but you couldn’t because of all the restrictions and limitations you imposed on yourself. You have no idea how much freedom comes with letting go of your need to control what other people think of you. The only person you need approval from is you. If you like and approve of yourself, nothing else matters.

Now, the question is, do you really want to be free?




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Yas March 6, 2013 at 7:25 pm

I like this but there’s one problem. The tittle does not match the content of the article. “How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think of You.” Well, the article talked about WHY we should not care about what others think about us, but it does NOT say how to stop caring. Overall it was good. Thank you for posting it.

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