Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen Review

by Laura Kronen on April 15, 2013

snake serum penRodial recently introduced the Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen.  It sounded exotic, edgy and glamorous. So, I had to try it. The phenomenal results were an added bonus.

Let me start off by saying that there is not actually anything derived from a snake in the tube, instead it contains a powerful formula of highly concentrated SYN-AKE, a neuropeptide, which is inspired by the potent effects of the Temple Viper’s venom.  C’mon did you really think they used actual venom?  Are you nuts? Although, quite honestly, I’d still use it if they did, and I loathe snakes- it’s that remarkable.

In 90 seconds this serum fills and smooths the appearance of deep expression lines and wrinkles, freezes muscles and can be used throughout the day whenever a plump me up is needed. How’s that for a quick fix?  I keep it in my bag for touchups throughout the day because I love instant gratification and the Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen provides immediate results.

Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen $95  For additional information, visit



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