Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer Review

by Laura Kronen on May 29, 2013

moisturizer with SPFI have to admit, I haven’t been a fan of moisturizers with SPF in them, they tend to clog my pores and I feel like my skin is suffocating.  But since summer is on the horizon, the sun is stronger than ever, and my face absolutely needs daily protection (other than my finishing powder with an SPF of 12), it is high time for me to find some protection that works for me.

My search didn’t take too long. Enter Scalisi SkinCare.  A revolutionary line of products that combines advanced anti-aging science with powerful sun protection. Their Anti-Aging Moisturizer is silky smooth, absorbs into my skin beautifully and its dermatologist approved. Mission accomplished!

The biochemists behind Scalisi Skincare spent years perfecting this anti-aging powerhouse. This moisturizer uses innovative peptide technology you won’t find anywhere else—it tricks your skin into thinking a wrinkle is a cut, so collagen production increases to “heal” these wrinkles.  Also an integral part of my new favorite daily moisturizer is White Tea Extract for radiance and soy proteins rich in amino acids to boost cell regeneration. So, not only does it protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but it also keeps your skin soft and supple. Despite these powerful benefits, the formula is incredibly lightweight and smells good too, scented with the slightest hint of floral.

I’ll never let my face be naked again.  You shouldn’t either.  Scalisi Skincare $86



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