Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil Review

by Laura Kronen on June 3, 2013

progenius treatment oilNude Skincare.  Love the brand name.  I also love that it was created by Ali Hewson (a.k.a the lucky wife to Bono, my all-time favorite musician) and the company creates products specifically aimed to feed the skin with nutrients, namely probiotics and Omega oils 3, 6, 7, and 9.

You hear a lot about Omega acids these days, but do you actually know what they do?  Omega 3s create neural networks, help increase the body’s metabolic rate, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-6 acids, meanwhile, are found in nuts, flax, and avocados, and if you eat too much of them it’s really bad for you, actually. And nobody talks about Omega 9s really, because they’re the most abundant fatty acid in nature and we make a lot of them ourselves. We don’t know much about Omega 7s other than that they’re called “the heartier Omega,” because they help maintain cholesterol levels. Well that all doesn’t sound very good if we are ingesting these things, does it?  But, we’re not talking about putting these inside our bodies, but rather, ON TOP of it and thats where the magic happens.  Enter Nude’s ProGenius Treatment Oil . Now, I just had to get over putting oil on my face, which is seemingly counterproductive.

Nude’s ProGenius Treatment Oil  boasts all the Omegas in question, and claims it will not only “bring to light the natural radiance of young, healthy skin” but that it will reduce wrinkles by 36% in one hour. That’s a lot of wrinkle reduction in a short amount of time. I couldn’t open the bottle fast enough and started patting it on anywhere I could find any semblance of a line.  While I definitely did see a reduction in wrinkles, the post-ProGenius application results were much more than that and admittedly amazing. My skin felt plump, fresh, glowing, and dewy, but important to note, NOT greasy.  By the time the morning came, I looked, dare I say, radiant?

The truth is, this oil is much different than anything else that you have tried before. It absorbs instantly into the skin for deep cell nourishment and natural luster and provides a precisely balanced diet for the skin. You can also add a few drops to your regular moisturizer to kick it up a notch! Bring your skincare to the next level and oil up! Nude SkinCare $78





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