LashEm Picture Perfect Review

by Laura Kronen on June 13, 2013

lashem picture perfectYour eyes have such fragile skin around them and the more you smile, the more you get fine lines and wrinkles.  Since I am not going to give up smiling, I am always on the lookout for amazing eye cream, lotions and potions to combat those age defining lines. I will not accept wrinkles gracefully and will do everything in my power to banish them. Out, out ugly wrinkle!

I recently tried Picture Perfect from LashEm.  Its gel-like consistency gave a slight tingle when first applied which made it feel like it was working. And it was. Within minutes, Picture Perfect hydrated and plumped my tiny eye creases so they were hardly visible.  It also brightened the area around my eye.  This eye gel contains natural ingredients and has a paraben free, patented technology formula called QuSome which encapsulates the active ingredients and delivers them deep into the epidermis.  That is why the results are so dramatic.

When using this remarkable product, I recommend waiting a few minutes to apply makeup because it takes a little while to be completely absorbed, but I assure you, it’s worth the wait.  Picture Perfect $39.95


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