Latisse – A Girl’s Best Friend

by Laura Kronen on February 4, 2010



This might be the most controversial post thus far, but I have to give you all my personal experience regarding Latisse – The Eyelash Growth Formula. I have been using it for about 12 weeks now and my eyelashes have doubled in length, are much darker and much thicker.  (Yes – all of the promises have come true that spokeswoman Brooke Shields has voice-overed while dancing around a room). It took about 3 weeks to start seeing results, but I’m at the point now, that when I’m looking upwards, my lashes actually touch my brow bone. And, I look like I have mascara on, even when I don’t.  And, when you do add a few layers of mascara, it makes you look like you have false lashes on. I love this stuff. Latisse is expensive, but I have found a place that will sell it for $100 (the usual price is between $120-140) – and ship it to you for $4. One little vial lasts over 2 months – so look at it as a $1.60 per day investment in fabulosity.  It comes with all of the applicators – use a new one each day and just use only one drop for both eyes (Best trick i found is to put a single drop into the cap of the Latisse vial and dip the applicator in there, one dip for each eye).  Of course it comes with warnings – you can get dry, red eyes (which I did for the first few days), your eyelid skin may darken (but it goes away) and your iris may darken. (ok this one doesnt sound so good – but if you have brown eyes you have nothing to fear – and in reality – you have nothing to fear anyway because it hasnt happened with Latisse, but it has happened with one of the ingredients in Latisse when it was administered directly in the eye for a long period of time.)  Bottom line: if you have the extra money and want luscious lashes, Latisse is worth every penny. I will give the disclaimer to ask your doctor first though- although Latisse is available WITHOUT a prescription. $100 – Allura Spa – call and say you saw the review on Be You Only Better for the best price. 770-497-1555


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