Can I Be Happy all of the Time?

by Laura Kronen on February 20, 2014

happiness is a choiceEven the happiest people experience negative emotions at times.  They aren’t robots.

Many people say that you can’t see the light if you haven’t seen the darkness.  This doesn’t mean you have to have suffered through depression in order to be happy but it is true that the light looks brighter when coming out of the dark.

It is totally normal to experience a full range of emotions including the “negative” ones.   If you never experience frustration or anger, anxiety or stress, or if you never feel sad, down or remorseful, there would be something wrong with you.  If you feel happy 100% of the time, then you might be experiencing some form of mania which could be just as problematic as serious depression.

Practicing happiness skills and strategies will help you to experience positive emotions, more often.  They will also help you bounce back quicker from difficult situations as well as manage negative emotions more effectively. We’ve spoken about How To Become Happier in the first installment on Happiness here and the second here.

So now that we have realistic expectations about happiness, and you have strategies in place to make yourself happier, how can you make other people in your life just as happy as you?  The answer is you can’t.  Happiness is something each and every one of us chooses (or doesn’t choose) and we can’t make that choice for other people.  We cannot force someone to be happy. No one else can tell us what goals to set, and no one can exercise or sleep for you.  No on else can think for us, use our strengths or live in the moment for us.

The best thing you can do is set an example for those around you and live your life as best as you can, and be as happy as you can. Trust that others will follow.




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