Vitasigns Digital Body Analyzer Scale Review

by Laura Kronen on November 4, 2013

vs-3100-aMeasuring your weight and BMI is an important way of monitoring your health. In addition to those measurements, another important factor is your percentage of body fat.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some body fat is necessary, and women need a higher percentage of it. Fat is necessary because it stores energy, protects internal organs, regulates body temperature and maintains normal physiological function of the human body. However, too much body fat is very harmful. Excessive weight and high BMI levels may lead to illness and an array of diseases.

I have always been pretty diligent about keeping within a 5 pound comfort zone for my total body weight, but was always curious about my body fat percentage. When my old digital scale took it’s last breath, I replaced it with the Vitasigns Bluetooth Digital Body Analyzer Scale.  I will never use a plain old scale again. I have found the Ferrari of scales.

I loaded the app to my iPhone and began weighing myself every day. I love how all of the data is stored in that app through bluetooth technology and I can easily see my weight, BMI and Body Fat Percentage. I entered a goal weight and since I first started using this scale during the first week of September, I surpassed it. I lost 7 pounds, reduced my BMI by 1.7, and reduced my overall bodyfat by 2.1%. That’s damn impressive people.  You know why? Because I did not do anything different except start paying attention to the numbers and slightly monitor my food intake to achieve the numbers I wanted. Pretty cool huh? I plan on continuing to weigh myself every day to keep it all in check.

It’s best to weigh yourself at the same time every day and not within one hour of eating or drinking alcohol (or both – they go together!). Also do not jump on the scale within 20 minutes of showering or in extreme temperature or while wearing socks. That will throw off the readings.

If you use the promo code BeBetter813C you can get the Vitasigns Bluetooth Digital Body Analyzer Scale for 50% off!  Yes, you read that right.  Instead of paying $169.99, you can get it for $84.99  Check it out here!




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