Color Wow Root Cover Up Review

by Laura Kronen on February 2, 2014

color wow Do you feel like you always need to get your roots filled in or refresh your color?  Are you taking more visits to the salon than to the supermarket? Hair maintenance is major commitment and can take you for broke.  But, if you are like most women, you’d rather survive on tap water and ramen noodles than miss a touch up.

If you want to dramatically extend time between salon visits, check out Color Wow’s tinted powders made for covering roots and camouflaging regrowth.  This cute little compact comes with a mirror and a brush and is super easy to apply.  Just brush it on and it masks grey and covers roots in a very natural looking way, without being sticky or oily and without dulling or looking dry. A water-resistant formula means the results won’t last from shampoo to shampoo, but you can swim, sweat and sleep and the powder will stay in place. So, don’t worry about getting caught in the rain, sweating in spin class or leaving hot yoga with smudges or streaks on your face.

Each of the 6 shades, varying from platinum to black, contain a variety of pigments and reflective particles to ensure a natural match with many different hair colors. $34 for approximately 60 applications. Color Wow



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