Dermalogica Pure Night Review

by Laura Kronen on March 12, 2014

dermalogica moisturizerLately my skin has been looking luminous, dewy and dare I say glowing in the morning.  No, I’m NOT  pregnant, but I have been using a different moisturizer before bed, Dermalogica Pure Night. I am willing to bet that’s where this new found freshness is coming from.

This nighttime moisturizing treatment nourishes and brightens for more even skin tone. It’s an outstanding moisturizer for dry skin that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on your face while absorbing beautifully into your skin. You can see it working it’s magic in just a few short days.

Not only does it moisturize, but it shields against environmental damage, helps treat and prevent cellular discoloration, provides skin brightening and tonal balancing and helps to minimize surface spots. Now that’s something that you’ll love waking up to. Dermalogica $75








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