Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream Review

by Laura Kronen on March 19, 2014

best eye creamStop whatever it is that you are doing and go get yourself  Zelens Triple-Action Advanced Eye Cream.  Be ready to pay a little more than you are probably used to, but if you are serious about reducing wrinkles, tightening the area around the eye, depuffing and tackling dark circles, this is one serious eye cream. It’s pure brilliance for long term benefits AND for an instant fix.

Heed the warning, this eye cream sucked me in like a cult and I don’t think I will ever be able to turn back. The pale white formula feels more like a silky cream gel and applies like a balm with a fresh, airy scent.  It is lightweight but deeply hydrating and the biggest plus for me is the smoothing and slightly mattifying effect that makes it perfect for wearing under makeup. There’s a hyaluronic base to this cream (to moisturize), plus marine collagen (to reduce wrinkles), plus Haloxyl (to lighten dark circles) and caffeine (to de-puff).

The most magical ingredients however, are the peptides. Now, I take most skincare claims with a grain of salt, but I find this one undeniable, Zelens Triple Action Advanced Eye Cream contains a chain of 8 peptides with an activity that is something like a “natural Botox”.  Now, I do believe that  “natural Botox” is one of the most overused expressions in the world of beauty, but in this case, I believe Zelens quite possibly perfected the expression because there’s no other way to describe what this eye cream does.

This octapeptide (chain of 8 naturally occurring amino acids) is a safe, completely non-toxic alternative to Botulinum toxin. It blocks the release of neurotransmitters necessary for muscle contraction and wrinkle formation and thus reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles responsible for facial expression. Mind. Blown.  Zelens $120


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