Happy Mother’s Day 2014

by Laura Kronen on May 9, 2014

mothers day wordsHow do you even begin to explain a love that you feel so deep inside that it seems as though it reaches further than the depths of your soul?

Before having my family, I thought that I loved intensely, but that was nothing compared to the love that blossomed the moment I laid eyes on my baby boys.  The second my first child was born, it felt as though I was born.  This otherworldly love transcends all past experiences in my life. I feel the need to fiercely protect my children and constantly surround them with love, light and joy. I will always put their happiness before my own without thinking twice.  They will always come first no matter how much work I have, how busy I am or how sick I feel. A mother is a verb.  It’s something you do, not just who you are.

I always felt I needed a word greater than “love” to describe how much I adore my sons. Somehow the word doesn’t have enough meaning when used in the context of my sweet little boys. I love chocolate chip cookies and tennis too. See? Sometimes I hug them so tight that I am afraid I might break their little ribs. Sometimes I stare at them for minutes at a time and prompt them to ask, “What’s wrong with you mommy?” Sometimes I look through old pictures and start crying, amazed at how beautiful they are and how they have grown over the years. Each day that goes by I love them even more than I did the day before.  How is that even possible?  Where does all this energy come from?

My sons and I have come up with a new holiday to be celebrated on May 25th of every year called Loveinity.  It is our special name for this intense love, combining the words Love and Infinity together. This holiday will be celebrated, not with gifts, but just by showing how much we love each other.  Simple and beautiful.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the phenomenal moms out there – the ones who constantly show their love and devotion to their children and are a never ending source of comfort, happiness and support. You are shaping the future of the world, one child at a time. Motherhood has the single greatest potential on human life. That is an enormous responsibility.

I’m especially sending love, thanks and adoration to my incredible mom, a beautiful example of what being a selfless, extraordinary mom is all about.  She taught me everything I know. I am truly blessed to have amazing children, but I work hard at being their mother, just like my mom did with her children, and still does every single day.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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