Diabetes Numbers Have Risen to More than 29 Million

by Laura Kronen on June 11, 2014

diabetes informationThe Centers for Disease Control’s latest report says more than 29 million Americans, roughly 1 in 11, have the disease. That’s up more than 3 million from the last report three years ago. And 1 in 4 are undiagnosed.

That translates to a lot of people living with the disease in the United States and many of them not even knowing it.  This is where all the scary diabetic facts come from.  In the last decade, the rate of diabetes in children has risen over 21% and diabetes in adults has doubled.  That’s a disease of epic proportions.

If the trend continues, in 35 years, 1 in every 3 Americans will have diabetes.  Are you listening now?

The only good part of this is that as the numbers of people rise, so do the treatment options and funds for research.  However, the best treatment plans are still living an active life, staying fit  and eating healthy.



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