Revision Skincare Restorative Night Cream Review

by Laura Kronen on September 22, 2014

revision skinccareNight moisturizer is my secret weapon. You absolutely have to take full advantage of your sleeping hours by hydrating your skin.  Think about it–one third of your day (or something close to that)  is spent sleeping.  Why not use that time to nourish your face with a protective barrier that pretty much will guarantee you waking up looking younger than you did the night before.

I recently tried Revision Skincare’s Restorative Night Cream and am happy I did.  As the final line of defense in a skincare regimen before turning in for the night, this nutrient-rich lightweight moisturizer is formulated with an exclusive selection of ingredients that hydrate and condition skin while you get your much needed shut-eye.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles?  Check!

Softens and moisturizes skin with Jojoba Seed Oil?  Check!

Brightens skin with marine driven algae extract?  Check!

Loaded with peptides and vitamins to help restore skin to a youthful glow?  Check!

Perfect for all skin types. Revision Skincare $54 for 1oz




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