Daring Beauté Luxury Slim Pack Review

by Laura Kronen on October 14, 2014


I can’t imagine that it is a coincidence that after using the Luxury Slim Pack from Daring Beauté just two times within the same week that I got strangers complimenting me on my legs.  No, I’m going to owe those compliments and my most sincere thanks to Daring Beauté.

The Luxury Slim Pack I’m referring to consists of Cellu Burner-anti cellulite cream, Slimming Leggings, Body Brush and a Body Massager.

These products can be used in a rotating combination to achieve substantial results in toning up your body, revitalizing your skin texture and moreover, keeping cellulite away!  Both times I used the Luxury Slim Pack, I massaged my legs with the body massager which improves circulation and metabolism,  slathered on the awesome smelling Cellu Burner, put on the leggings and hopped on the treadmill for an hour to let it really soak in.  A few other days during the week I used the body brush as well, to get rid of dead skin cells and keep my legs looking smooth and soft.

Cellu Burner is a proprietary anti cellulite cream that decreases body fat by reducing the amount of cellulite already present in the body, while also ensuring that new cellulite is not formed. The facts: Clinical studies have shown that Cellu Burner brings down fat deposits by up to 35% and combining it with the slimming leggings will provide you a cellulite-fighter wrap that, in my humble opinion, intensifies that effect.

Leggings come in two sizes S/M and L/XL.  Slim Pack is $59.95 at Daring Beaute


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