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by Laura Kronen on November 17, 2014

aerial fit I usually like to keep some of my very favorite things a secret. Take my perfume for example. I do not want to have any one else with my signature scent, so I will never write or talk about it and my lipgloss color is a total lockdown secret.  So I really debated about whether or not to let you all in on this jewel of a gym I came upon recently- The Vitality Method in Duluth, Georgia.

I drove past it so many times since it opened in 2006, but never stepped inside until about two months ago. Just as I was getting bored with my same old exercise routine, hitting a plateau with my results and nursing a two year old tennis injury that recently got worse, a friend raved about Vitality and recommended I go check it out.  They say timing is everything.  This was the time.

This boutique style studio, whose mission is to “get more than just a workout, to get a corrective workout,” gets your body in fighting shape while fixing things at the same time. If your body is misaligned or has an imbalance and you are exercising on top of it, you can do damage over time.  The goal is to get your body stronger and more resilient for everything else that life throws your way.  This strategy works for me because throwing my back out is not an option in my life.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Through unique personal training sessions in pilates, red cord, aerial fit and Vitality slow blast you can literally sculpt your body exactly how your desire.  Joel Crosby, owner and pilates extraordinaire at Vitality Method, stresses a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at his studio, and I can definitely attest that I felt comfortable here from the start.  No pretension, just all individualized attention.


Pilates is the backbone of Vitality Method.  This is the real deal, authentic version that was developed by boxer Joseph Pilates and has been practiced for over 100 years.  What I love most about pilates at Vitality is how it not only produces a truly solid core, but it improves posture, flexibility and balance.  All of these elements combine for a noticeable difference in physique and, as a bonus, have even improved my tennis game.

Vitality Slow Blast is the ideal workout for those with a busy schedule.  Burn fat, not time.  This program can be thought of as slow motion training executed along to a specific slow tempo. This intense stimulation to the muscles speeds up metabolism and hello, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?  You work the muscles with continual repetitions until complete fatigue and can no longer move the weight. This workout pushes you and it tires you out, but the best part of it is that you only need to do it once or twice a week for 30 minutes to see the best results. Can I get a collective “Hallelujah!”

aerial fit

The Vitality Aerial Fit/Flow workout was developed over the course of six years by Joel Crosby to help control and direct how gravitational force affects the body. This was perhaps the most challenging, but most FUN workout I’ve ever done.  That’s me taking a different view of the world on the top of this page.

This aerial fit technique improves kinesthetic awareness as well as motor skills (balance, reflexes, flexibility, agility, power, strength, and endurance). With a playful combination of grounded and aerial flow, you will enjoy inversion and arm balancing postures, enhanced back-bends, twists, hip openers, and more.  Even though this is a group class, you work at your own fitness level both on the ground and in the suspended exercises.  And, don’t be nervous, you’ll be spotted until you are comfortable with some of the more intricate moves.


I also tried Red Cord at Vitality as well. It is a highly effective functional exercise technique that benefits anyone seeking a competitive edge; from professional athletes to the weekend golfer to everyone in between. Utilizing a series of cords and bands and pulleys, it activates muscles; dramatically impacting the quality of life for people of all ages and abilities, especially those recovering from an injury. It activates the right muscles, in the right amount, at the right time. This deep neuromuscular conditioning is the key to achieving optimal performance and maintaining the ability to move freely without pain.

At Vitality there are no contracts to sign, no membership fees, incredibly unique classes that you won’t find anywhere else, and most importantly individualized training that produces measurable results.

For more information call the Vitality Studio at 678-957-3000 or visit their website – Vitality Method.  Or just walk on in like I did.  They are located at 2590 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Duluth GA, 30097.








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