Scentbird Fragrance Subscription for the Perfume Lover in You

by Laura Kronen on March 23, 2015


Scent is transporting and indulgent; it finishes your look and says something very personal about you.  – Andy Warhol

If you are anything like me, you don’t just like one perfume and like to switch them up often.  Some scents are seasonal, some based on my mood and some are for specific times of the day, for instance: floral for daytime, musky for nighttime, spicy for date night, clean for sporting events and the list goes on. Then there are certain fragrances that instantly take me right back to an exact moment in time or evoke a specific emotion the second I breathe them in. Scents can be very powerful in that way.

So, if sticking to just once scent is stifling for you too, but buying a new perfume every few months is a bit cost prohibitive and wasteful, and will only be gathering dust on your dresser a few months from now, I have a solution for you:  Scentbird.

Scentbird, a subscription fragrance company,  is the modern woman’s way to smell amazing but spend smart. Just $14.95 a month gets you a 30-day supply of the luxury perfume of your choice right to your door. Choose from 350+ top Designer scents.  The perfume you select comes in a sleek purse spray (great for touchups and travel!) that’s fun to show off and easy to carry. Every month you just swap out the old scent and swap in the new.

On their website, you will find Scentbird’s proprietary fragrance recommender that makes finding the perfect scent a cinch.  It offers bespoke suggestions based on an algorithm of 300,000 authentic reviews by real women. Create a queue of fragrances to try and get exactly the perfume you want every month. Enjoy!






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