How to Get Motivated – 9 Baby Steps

by Laura Kronen on March 9, 2015

woman leapingAll of us can feel unmotivated at times. You, me, Richard Branson, Oprah, hell even Tony Robbins has his days. You don’t feel like doing anything and it’s OK if it’s for a day, or even two. But when you get yourself into a deep slump, you need to do whatever it takes to break yourself out of it.  All it requires are some itty bitty steps to get you on the road to getting started again.

get inspired

Baby step 1. Get inspired.  I love reading biographies of successful people and people I admire.  You can find inspiration all over the web – books, magazines, blogs.  When I read about someone else achieving their goals, it motivates me to work harder to accomplish mine too. Reading helps to motivate and focus you on whatever you are reading about.  So read about your goal every day.

Baby step 2. Narrow it down to one goal. If you try to do too much at once it can sap your energy and send you to the land of laziness.  You cannot maintain energy and focus (the two most important things in accomplishing a goal) if you are trying to do too many things at once.

Baby step 3. Get excited.  Visualize your success.  Start speaking about it.  Research it as much as possible.  Build the anticipation up by setting a date in the future to start.  Make it an event in your life.  For instance, I had my juice-fast date on the calendar for a while. While a juice fast isn’t exactly fun, and I could really go for a piece of pepperoni pizza right now, I was excited to start it up when the day arrived.  You might feel motivated to start towards your goal right away, but by delaying your start, you increase your focus and energy for your goal.

Baby step 4. Commit to your goal.  Shout it out loud. Put it on a post-it and stick it your mirror.  Say it every time you look at it. Tell your friends.  None of us like to look bad in front of others. We push ourselves harder to do something when we know that others are going to hold us accountable for it.  And don’t just commit once, commit to updates and progress reports along the way!

Baby step 5. Think about your goal.  Every day.  If you continue to think about your goal, it is much more likely to come to fruition. And if you commit doing one tiny little thing every day to get you closer to your goal, you have an even better chance of sealing the deal.  Realize that there is ebb and flow with anything.  Just keep making sure you are moving forward.

Baby step 6. Ask for help. Get a coach, mentor, friend, online support group, anyone at all to help hold you accountable. Call your mom if you need to. Find your support network and utilize it to help you get to where you desire. Don’t forget to ask for advice and for help in getting out of a slump when you hit one.

Baby step 7. Never give up. Whatever your goal, just stick with it. Many times goals are long journeys and there will be bumps along the road. Know that you are in control and the only person who can stop you from reaching your goal is you.

Baby step 8. Scale it down. Stop thinking so big.  Set yourself up for success by accomplishing smaller goals first. This motivates you to want, and to do more. The bigger the goal, the more it looms over your head and the harder it is to accomplish.  Break down the goal to smaller digestible bites and you will find yourself accomplishing so much more, giving yourself those “little wins,” as I like to refer to them.  Little wins keep you going, add inspiration and add up to big wins eventually.

Baby step 9. Think positively. Instead of thinking how hard something is, think of how good you are going to feel when you accomplish it.  Positive thoughts energize!  Recognize negative self talk and self-limiting beliefs.  When you start to see them creep in, stop them in their tracks and replace them with something positive.


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