St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil Review

by Laura Kronen on May 15, 2015



I’m going to be honest here, I wear sunblock religiously on my face and chest.  Minimum of SPF 50. However, the rest of my body gets neglected quite often as far as day to day sun exposure goes (don’t judge). Consequently, my face and décolletage are definitely are a few shades lighter than the rest of my body.  I have always used Nars Laguna bronzer to even me out and never thought about it much past that.  Until one day, when I was endlessly roaming around Sephora, and this product caught my eye.

St. Tropez Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil – A lightweight self-tan dry oil formulated specifically for the face and neck. I’d never seen a self-tanning dry oil before, but this Brazilian inspired, non-greasy, Luxe Facial Oil gives the ultimate natural-looking sun kissed glow. And, who can’t benefit from a golden visage?  It lasts up to seven days, contains a 100 percent natural tanning agent suitable for all skin tones, and features a 100 percent natural fragrance for no telltale self-tan aroma. Like zero.  It does’t smell like self tanner at all.  In fact, it has a spa-like citrus aroma to it. Ultra-hydrating and easy to use, it promotes a beautiful, streak-free finish.

The application was pretty easy (just be careful because the consistency is very thin, almost like water).  Just wash your face, put a few drops of the product into your hands and glide evenly over your face, neck and chest and then wash your hands.  Wait just a few minutes and you can continue your moisturizing and whatever else you do at night before bed.  Go to sleep, wake up the next morning and look fabulous. Apply it once or twice a week to maintain your goddess like glow.  $35 at Sephora





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