10 Key Moments to Self-Actualization

by Laura Kronen on October 20, 2015

woman self actualizationMoments of self-actualization are not very common but we should live our lives seeking them out. If we learn to be authentic and to be aware of our inner selves and hear our inner feelings we can begin to transcend our own conditioning and find the joys that makes life worth living.

Here are the top 10 moments to stop and bask in the light of:

1.  The moment you stop comparing yourself to others because it undermines your own worth. The understanding that your own uniqueness is valuable and you let it carry over into everything you do, is the moment you start to shine.

2. The moment you realize that you really only have to worry about who you like when you walk into a room, instead of who likes you. Being able to resist conformity and being comfortable in your own skin makes the biggest difference.  This is also the moment when you perceive and understand human nature, accepting yourself for who you are.

3. The moment you live your dreams for you, because it’s what you want to do.  Always being motivated for continual growth in the awareness of fulfilling your own goals is a key to self-actualization.

4.  The moment you realize God has greater plans for you. You were put on this planet for a reason.

5. The moment you realize that your only true enemy is yourself. The only person stopping you, is you. When you take responsibility for yourself and your own behavior, the world starts looking a little different.

6.  The moment you realize you can have anything you ever wanted in life.  And not only that, but you realize that this concept is so simple.

7.  The moment you realize what real love is. Not puppy love, not infatuation, not love because you think you have to love someone, but that deep, unbreakable bond that can come from a partner, a parent, a friend, a child or even an animal.

8.  The moment you have a heightened sense of wonder, awe or ecstasy over an experience. Believe it or not, many people go through life and never experience this profound emotion. Others can tap into it often.  You need to train your mind.

9.  The moment when you realize that everyone has something to offer and appreciate the best aspects in all people while accepting people for what they are.

10.  The moment when you realize that moment to moment living is exciting and exhilarating and colorful and you can see clearly what was once not easily visible.




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