Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

by Laura Kronen on October 13, 2015

pony tail extensions

Ever wonder how celebrities change their hair so dramatically and so frequently, yet it doesn’t look damaged?  One day their hair is lush and long, the next its chin length, one day it has blonde ombre edges and the next day they are back to being a sultry brunette. The secret isn’t such a secret. All of this hair magic is done with extensions.

The other day I received a gorgeous medium brown pony tail from Irresistible Me.  I mean this is the ponytail that Jasmine from Aladdin or the Little Mermaid would be wearing had they not been animated characters. It was the longest and thickest option the company offered.  Immediately I threw my own hair up into a ponytail and attached the Irresistible Me extension.  It was incredibly easy to put on too.  First attach the little comb above my homegrown ponytail and then wrap the ribbon around both pony tails, tying them together  Then take a little hair and wrap it around the ribbon so it looks like an actual “hair band” and viola! My hair just grew tenfold in volume and thickness and about 8 inches in length.  HELLO sexy hair!

I can comb, straight iron and curl this hair.  I can braid it, make a bubble ponytail and can make a giant messy top knot with it.  I can even tie a bow beneath my chin with it (I’ve always wanted to do that).

As a word of caution, I probably would not recommend going with the thickest and longest hair option, even if your main goal is to make others have hair envy.  It’s a little harder to work with than lighter hair extensions and looks a little less natural.  But Irresistible Me has so many clip-in options that you won’t have a problem finding the perfect hair extensions to compliment your every mood.




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