The Top 101 Things To Be Grateful For

by Laura Kronen on November 19, 2015

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One of the major components to a life full of happiness and joy is gratitude. At times it can be tough for us to just focus on the positive and cancel out all of the negative, but it is the only way to live. As Thanksgiving nears, I challenge you to make a list of the Top 101 things YOU are grateful for. Does that seem like a lot? It’s really not. And once you get going, it’s hard to stop. They can be big or small. Here are mine for 2015:

  1. My faith in God and humanity and healing and miracles
  2. Loving and being loved.  I am thankful for my supportive husband, children, parents and friends that bring light into my world
  3. Confidence.  I truly believe that whatever I do, I will do it well
  4. My boys and their belly laughter, pure honesty, bountiful energy, endless creativity and charming personalities
  5. My Dexcom continuous glucose monitor that always makes me feel that I am in control of my diabetes
  6. Neighbors that I adore.  They all have a little bit of crazy in them.  Makes me feel at home
  7. Dry, cool, sunny perfect hair days
  8. The Impractical Jokers.  They always make me laugh
  9. The right to bear arms and my straight shot
  10. My super powers – intuition, passion and determination
  11. New York City.  You can take the girl out of the city, but can’t take the city out of the girl
  12. My adorable kitty cat who lets me dress her up and take silly pictures
  13. The number 13.  It’s my favorite
  14. Winning more tennis matches than I lose. It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up
  15. Open roads, a fast car and a loud radio
  16. People that I can truly count on
  17. Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows
  18. Margaritas, lychee martinis and extra dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives
  19. Being able to hustle.  And always finishing what I start.
  20. Swimming with dolphins
  21. My photographic memory
  22. That spiders don’t fly
  23. Poker.  And I’m thankful that I don’t live near a casino
  24. Forgiveness – giving it and receiving it
  25. My job and clients – I truly love what I do
  26. Sunglasses – I’d be blind without them.
  27. Good news
  28. GPS – otherwise I would be permanently lost
  29. People who go the extra mile and pay attention to detail
  30. Surprises especially those with colorful, curly ribbons on them
  31. Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate chips
  32. My iphone (and life line)
  33. Seat warmers in my car and red leather seats.
  34. Synchronicity – those moments when all the stars align
  35. Juiceboxes and glucose tablets – They have saved my life more times than I can count
  36. Chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting.  Actually, chocolate anything
  37. Sharpies – in every color
  38. Concerts with friends and singing along together
  39. Afrezza Insulin – It has changed the way I do business with my diabetes and given me super tight control
  40. Sequined party dresses
  41. Crossing things off a to-do list
  42. Being able to add “author” to my list of accomplishments
  43. Sephora.  I love getting lost in a sea of lotions and potions
  44. Pure Barre and pilates- they have changed my body
  45. Surprises that arrive in the mail
  46. Volunteering
  47. Witty people with one liners and impeccable timing
  48. Advice – giving and getting it
  49. Bike riding on the greenways
  50. Laughing till it hurts
  51. The reverse camera on my car
  52. Straightening irons because I am not a fan of my curly hair
  53. My power of persuasion
  54. Bloody Marys, extra spicy with the works
  55. My strength – both physical and mental
  56. My competitive spirit
  57. Serendipity
  58. Experience – it’s the best teacher
  59. My worn in grey boots that I can walk for miles in
  60. Stars – I always wish on the first one I see
  61. Glitter and sparkles. On everything. I’m a girly girl
  62. Halloween and the decorations, costumes, candy and feeling in the air that goes along with it.
  63. My son’s math tutor
  64. Compliments – both giving them and receiving them
  65. For being able to live in the moment
  66. That we are getting a new president soon
  67. Being the class mom every year that my kids are in elementary school
  68. My furry warm snuggly blanket
  69. Believing that one day there will be a cure
  70. Wine with friends and all of our wine related text messages
  71. Sore muscles after a hard workout
  72. Lactose free milk
  73. Handwritten notes to my children every single day in their lunch boxes
  74. Rainbows. And unicorns.  And unicorns with rainbow horns.
  75. Learning something new almost everyday
  76. The perfect pair of jeans
  77. Spray tans
  78. Our military and their families
  79. Snowflakes
  80. Hugs from my children.  There is nothing better.
  81. Long eyelashes and glossy pink lips
  82. The treadmill in my office
  83. Space heaters
  84. Great customer service
  85. Salty air and windblown hair
  86. Good manners
  87. Social media and how it makes the world a much smaller place
  88. Pilots
  89. Being able to experience the best of Italy with the best of friends
  90. When a smell takes you back instantly to a place in time
  91. Open-minded people
  92. Friends who are always on the other end of a text
  93. Suitcases that roll in every direction
  94. Shooting stars, wishbones, pennies, dandelions, 11:11 and birthday candles.
  95. Ponytail holders
  96. Online shopping in the middle of the night
  97. Facebook birthday reminders
  98. People that like me for who I am
  99. Snuggling with my boys every night
  100. The flashlight on my iPhone
  101. Gel manicures

I could have kept going.  There are so many more things that I am thankful for.  I mean, I left wine off the list because I had so much else flowing from me and I am definitely very thankful for vino.

Try making your own list.  It’s completely therapeutic and you will have an extra skip in your step all day!

Start each day with a grateful heart!



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