12 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life

by Laura Kronen on April 12, 2016


We are going to keep this real simple.  You’ll be able to read this post in one minute or less and, if you follow it, it will change your life exponentially for the better.  Adhering to these basic points can help you turn your life from hectic and drama-filled to harmonious and easy-breezy.

  1. Always expect the good and the great to show up
  2. Embrace change
  3. Choose your reactions
  4. Be grateful
  5. Stop comparing
  6. Take chances
  7. Let go
  8. Stretch your comfort zone
  9. Slow down
  10. Admire the details
  11. Spend money on experiences, not possessions
  12. Stop making excuses

It’s that easy.


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