9 Habits of Mentally Strong People

by Laura Kronen on March 5, 2018

how to be mentally toughPeople aren’t born with physical strength, they develop it over time.  When is the last time you saw a toddler body builder, besides in some freak viral video on Facebook?  Some people ultimately become stronger than others because they work on their bodies specifically to do so.  In the same way, no one is blessed with incredible mental strength when they emerge from the womb either. Instead, mental strength is developed over time by individuals who choose to make personal development a priority. Building mental muscle is the key to self-discipline, self-assurance and determination.   Let’s face it, everyone would like to be a mentally strong person, but mental resilience can be extremely hard to achieve when life gets in the way.

So, how do you do it? Well, mentally strong people need to create healthy habits that assist them in getting grit and growing stronger. By being consistent, we develop the confidence to persevere. Here are nine things mentally strong people do, every day, to strengthen their mental muscles:

  1. They stay in control and never give away their power. One of my favorite expressions is:  Control the situation, don’t let the situation control you.
  2. They embrace change and welcome the challenges that they face along the way.
  3. They are willing to take calculated risks for a desired outcome. And they always weigh the risks and benefits before they do.
  4. They move on.  They accept full responsibility for past mistakes and use failure as a chance to improve.
  5. They don’t dwell in the past.  Mentally strong people invest their energy in the present.
  6. They stay happy and don’t complain.  They don’t spend their life being sad and worried about things they can’t control and they never feel sorry for themselves.
  7. They celebrate other people’s success.  They don’t resent others for being prettier or wealthier or luckier. In fact, they are inspired by these people.
  8. They do not feel like the world owes them anything.  They are prepared to succeed on their own merit and hard work.

These simple strategies for mental toughness are not just for a select group of people. These are simple habits that can be instilled into anyone and everyone.  Everything you need is already within you.  You just need to work on it every day.




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