Happy Thanksgiving 2017! What Are You Grateful For?

by laurakronen1 on November 20, 2017

thanksgiving quotesWow!  Another Thanksgiving is already upon us.  I love this time of year because I always take the time to stop and reflect on all of things I am grateful for in my life.  Sure, we all have problems and challenges, and sometimes you can even feel helpless, but when you really think about it, there are so many things to be thankful for.  Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.  What are you thankful for?  My core list always remains the same,  but I always have so much to add.  It’s hard to narrow it down to just 101 things, but here they are:

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Every new day being a new opportunity. Can only thank God for that.
  2. Unconditional love – that’s the very best kind. And hard to find.
  3. My children and their endless love, laughter, energy and creativity. I hit the life lottery with them.
  4. The love of my life.
  5. Incredible parents that are always there for me.
  6. That I don’t need sleep to function.
  7. Never giving up.  On anything.
  8. Being able to reframe things and see them in a different light. And helping other people do the same.
  9. My super powers – intuition, passion and determination.
  10. Being able to homeschool my children and spend even more time with them.
  11. Atlanta – I will always love NY, but this is really my home.
  12. Words with Friends
  13. The fact that I can beat a person half my age in singles tennis.
  14. Snapchat.  Just for the snap, not for the chat.
  15. People that I can always count on. They are rare, and they are special.
  16. The mini frig on my nightstand.  Because a cold drink in the middle of the night is a luxury.
  17. Christmas decorations.  I’d decorate in July if I could.
  18. My adorable kitty who sleeps at my feet every night.
  19. My photographic memory.
  20. Retin-A – The fountain of youth in a tube.
  21. Unicorns and the magic of believing.
  22. Forgiveness – giving it and receiving it.
  23. My job and clients – I truly love what I do.
  24. Sunglasses – I’d be blind without them.
  25. The fact that I have a damn good shot with a gun. And that I can protect myself.
  26. Good news. Always celebrate it! Even the littlest things.
  27. GPS – otherwise I would be permanently lost.
  28. People who go the extra mile and pay attention to the details.
  29. GIFs . I might overuse them, but they are just too good sometimes.
  30. Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies (from scratch) with extra chocolate chips.
  31. My iPhone (and life line). And sending texts with screen effects.
  32. Seat warmers in my car.
  33. Synchronicity – those moments when all the stars align.
  34. Selfies that need no filter
  35. Birthday cake. Chocolate with chocolate of course!
  36. Inspiration -it’s everywhere I turn.
  37. Singing with my boys in the car.
  38. Confidence.
  39. Insulin – without it, this list wouldn’t exist.  Neither would I.
  40. Afrezza – my insulin of choice that has made the biggest difference in my diabetes world.
  41. My collection of over the knee high heeled boots. I’m obsessed. The higher the better.
  42. Fresh iced tea with lots of lemon and a straw.
  43. Going on a cruise with my entire extended family to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary this year.
  44. Pure Barre – it’s changed my body. This year I completed my 500th class!
  45. That I have a good relationship with all of my brothers and that I have some pretty awesome sisters-in-law.  (It was pretty dodgy for a while there)
  46. Making a difference in the world. Helping inspire people with diabetes to live a better life.
  47. Witty people with one liners and impeccable timing.
  48. My Dexcom.  Always knowing what my blood sugar is gives me peace of mind.
  49. Good grammar.  It’s not overrated.
  50. Knowing how fortunate I am.
  51. Password programs.  There are just too many to remember!
  52. The Impractical Jokers
  53. The Dyson blowdryer.  It is the bomb.
  54. My power of persuasion.
  55. Lychee martinis with fresh lychees and extra dirty martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives.
  56. My strength – both physical and mental.
  57. My competitive nature. I’m always in it to win it.
  58. Experience – it’s the best teacher.
  59. Headphones without knots in them.
  60. Ponytails and topknots.  My hairstyles of choice.
  61. Glitter and sparkles. On absolutely everything.  I’m a girly girl. But don’t let that fool you.
  62. Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday.
  63. My mad baking skills.
  64. Being able to take my children on a spontaneous trip to Italy.
  65. Compliments – both giving them and receiving them.
  66. For being able to live in the moment.
  67. Scratch off lottery tickets.  Especially when I win.
  68. Instagram.  I love life pictorials.
  69. My furry warm snuggly blanket.  I take it everywhere, like Linus.
  70. Rhode Island.  I could start another list just based on that alone.
  71. Opening that really expensive champagne I have saved forever.
  72. Cute workout clothing that you can wear all day. Thanks Carbon38.
  73. Pinterest successes.
  74. Undeniable Beauty Vitamins.  Check them out!
  75. The generosity of strangers. It humbles me.
  76. Lactose free milk.
  77. Rainbows. I’ve seen so many double ones this year.
  78. Inspirational quotes at just the right time.
  79. The perfect pair of jeans, even if they have a hole in the knee.
  80. FaceTime.  Its the next best thing to being there.
  81. Fluffy and cozy hotel robes and room service.
  82. Seeing 11:11 every day on my phone.  There’s a message there.
  83. Hugs from my children.  There is truly nothing better.
  84. Long eyelashes and pink super glossy lips.
  85. Patterned knee socks.  Cute and functional.
  86. Great customer service. I always appreciate that!
  87. Swimming in the ocean when you can see the bottom.
  88. Good manners. They are so rare.
  89. My son seat belting me in the driver’s seat whenever he is with me.
  90. Custom Converse personalized sneakers.
  91. The entire Sol Janeiro yummy smelling Line, especially Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter.
  92. Online bill payment and check depositing.  Seriously saves a ton of time!
  93. Wishes on shooting stars, wishbones, dandelions and birthday candles. I am also thankful my son is so selfless that he always wishes for a cure.
  94. My assertiveness and badassery.
  95. Online shopping in the middle of the night. I’m sure AMEX is grateful for this too.
  96. Space heaters.  I’m always cold!
  97. Listening to my son sing and play guitar.  Brings tears to my eyes.
  98. Red, Red Wine.
  99. My fabulously organized closet that is my happy place (and sometimes office space)
  100. Sparkly gel manicures that express my creative side.
  101. That I am here to write this list again.  Thank you for reading it and thank you for being YOU.


Undeniable Beauty Olly Gummy Vitamins Review

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I took these tangy and tasty grapefruit flavored vitamins for a full month before writing this review.  With ingredients like biotin, vitamin C, and vitamin E and Boraga Oil you can feed the needs of your hair, skin and nails all at once.  And the results are undeniably clear.  My nails are so strong that I can’t even break them if I try, my hair is thicker and glossier than ever before and my skin is radiant and glowing (if I don’t say so myself).  I am buying a truckload of these gummy bits of goodness later today.  Target $14.



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