Too Sweet – The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes

Too Sweet diabetes

Too Sweet: The Not So Serious Side to Diabetes

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  • “An inspiring, optimistic and, at the same time, practical perspective.” – FOX News Expert Dr. Keith Ablow MD
  • “Live life to its fullest as demonstrated in Too Sweet” – Dr. Chip John Reed III, MD, CDE
  • “Humble, witty, candid, entertaining AND educational, and overall just fun to read! –
  • “I was instantly sucked in and eagerly looked forward to seeing what the rest of the book had in store for me.” -Diabetes Advocacy
  • “Highly recommended reading” – Diabetic Live
  • “Takes its style from comedian Jeff Foxworthy but features Kronen’s experienced voice” – Diabetes Health Magazine


Life is hardly sugary sweet when you’re a card-carrying member of the diabetic club—whether you’re diagnosed with the disease yourself or have a loved one who is. But if laughter is the best medicine, then Too Sweet is just what the doctor ordered: a candid, humorous, and empathetic guide to living with diabetes, written by a life coach with twenty years of experience as a type 1 diabetic.

Born with a hatred of needles and a love of sweets, Laura Kronen shares a wide variety of personal insights relating to the diabetic life. They are often comforting and sometimes embarrassing, but always brutally honest. From addressing common diabetic myths to detailing highs and lows and dealing with that pesky “disease” label, this refreshing and lighthearted look at type 1 and 2 is one that anyone affected by diabetes will be sure to find inspiring and relatable.

Without reciting dry medical information or harping on scary complications, Too Sweet is all about focusing on the present moment. You’ll find inside:

  • Diabetic Fun Facts
  • You Know You’re a Diabetic When…
  • Stick it to me – A humorous review of diabetic supplies and equipment
  • Why you can have a Love/Hate Relationship with Diabetes
  • Diabetic MythBusters
  • My personal favorite chapters: How Low Can You Go, and I’ve Got High Hopes – A new look at hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • I’m not a Diabetic, I’m Pancreatically Challenged -Focusing on all the questions diabetics ask themselves throughout the day
  • The Rich, Famous and Really Smart who have The Sugar too

and much, much more! So if you’re craving something uplifting, you’ll find a new friend and confidante in this unique guide, written by someone who has been through it all.







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