Giving Back



I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been for 23 years. There is not one day that goes by that I can forget I have this disease that affects 390 Million people worldwide. It’s a constant battle that is fought every day without exception. No days off!

Every hour of every day, someone is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the most severe form of a disease that annually accounts for more than $100 billion in health care costs in the U.S. alone. Usually striking before the age of 30, type 1 diabetes takes a harsh toll on people. Not only will they be insulin-dependent for life, but devastating life-limiting and life-shortening complications such as blindness, amputation, heart disease and stroke, and kidney failure are an ever-present threat. Insulin is not a cure for the disease—it is merely life support.

We have come a long way since Greeks and Romans tested themselves for diabetes by tasting their urine. There have been so many advances in technology when it comes time to managing diabetes.  From the invention of insulin, to blood glucose monitors, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and even islet cell transplants.  Thank goodness for all of these because before they existed, diabetics didn’t have a fighting chance to be alive much past aged thirty.  Now people with properly managed diabetes live long and full lives.  It’s still a struggle, but there is hope. We are just waiting for a cure.

Please support diabetes awareness and diabetes research. The 2016 Atlanta One Walk is October 15th.  I am Walking for a Cure!



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