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I was always a mascara fiend; the longer, thicker, darker and more super-sized my eyelashes are, the better. I also strongly relied on Latisse, lash conditioning gels, and eyelash curlers to coerce them into being all they can be. I basically will stop at nothing to gloriously frame the windows to my soul.  In fact, in only just this one little itty bitty way, I would actually admit that Kim Kardashian is my hero.

So, when I heard about SKYNClinic in Johns Creek, GA and the eyelash extension expertise of the infamous Zola, I started having visions of going mascara free, yet waking up looking bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning.  Imagine the time and money it would save me each day?   Imagine how I could run out of the house in the morning to a meeting and still look finished?  Imagine I could play three hours of tennis in the scorching sun, sans makeup, but still look fresh at the end of the match?  Visions of mascara free scenarios danced in my head  and were just way too enticing for me not to test them out.

Hello new addiction.

skynclinic johns creek


As I entered this gem of a day spa, the first thing that I noticed was the black and white decor, it’s definitely not a typical spa with blues and greens, waterfalls and nature music.  If it’s possible to describe a spa as fashionable, SKYNClinic fits the bill.  I soon met the fabulous Zola, who is the eyelash extension guru.  She presented 5 different “eyes” I could choose from – The Natural Eye, The Doe Eye, The Sweet Eye, The Cat Eye and the Gorgeous Eye.  For the record, I went with The Gorgeous Eye and loved it!  At SKYNClinic they use the highest quality premium hair extensions, which many places in Georgia do not carry…I knew I was in good hands.

I took my shoes off, got under the covers and prepared to do nothing for 2 hours.  You can’t open your eyes during the process, which for me was the hardest part.  I’m so used to doing something. I was going through withdrawal from my phone, but as Zola meticulously toiled away on my eyelashes, I got some much needed downtime.  I think I even fell asleep for a little while.

Exactly at the 2 hour mark, the masterpiece was finished.  I was in awe of the appearance of my new flirty eyelashes, in fact, I might have had a moment of speechlessness.  They were exactly what I’ve hoped for; long and lush and incredibly natural looking in a glamorous sort of way. They are the lashes any woman worth her weight in glitter dreamed of having. And, just like that, a new beauty obsession was born. I am hooked and will be back, religiously, every three weeks for a fill-in. Until then I will be batting my lashes sans mascara and, as a bonus, sans eyeliner. The lash line is so thick and perfect that eyeliner isn’t even a necessity anymore. Ah, the freedom!

Check out my before and after pics below! Pretty impressive, huh?

eyelash extensions before and after

Just a note about taking care of your new lashes.  You have to use oil free makeup remover around your eyes and never rub them.  It is natural to lose a few lashes here and there, just like you do with your real lashes.  It took me two days to get used to having them on but now I don’t even think about them until I look in the mirror in the morning and am amazed all over again.

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