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This is not a pay for placement site and all reviews are solely based on true recommendations and product usage. However, if you have a product you would like to have considered for review, please let us know how and why it is so fabulous using the contact form in the sidebar.

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Be You Only Better is viewed by thousands of readers every month and is targeted to the audience that is interested in personal development, self-help, health, lifestyle, beauty, diabetes, love & relationships.

And now it represents a unique opportunity for those wanting their products to be seen by many potential clients:


NEW – We are now offering sponsored Advertorials.  They will be written in the voice of Be You Only Better promoting your product or service.  They will run for the day and in eternity on the Be You Only Better website as well as on the Facebook fan page (Audience of 2700+) and Twitter (Audience of 21,700+)  They will be promoted multiple times on twitter.  The total targeted reach is over 43,000 consumers.  Sponsored ads are being offered at the rate of $250.




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